Don’t let it use you Don’t let the tool use you… technology, apps, platforms, smartphones, etc. are intended to help you enhance your abilities and experiences. These technologies aren’t there to be used instead of your own brain. The best of intelligence out there isn’t AI but humanity. Emotional intelligence is one of the biggestContinue reading “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE VS HUMAN INTELLIGENCE”


INTRODUCTION Your children or student needs you to understand them so you can be able to help them out. Sometimes we feel frustrated with our students or children because they seem unreactive to all the efforts we are making for their academic success, but we get to neglect their own personal struggles. I’ve confronted parentsContinue reading “SPECIAL EDUCATION Intro”


THE FACES OF ABBY- CHAPTER II My biological parents were from Canada. After my grandma passed away they decided to sell everything from their inheritance and went on a tour around the world. My parents had tried for many years to have children, but after so much failure and heartbreak, they decided to abandon thatContinue reading “THE FACES OF ABBY -II”

Pilot’s Diary -Day 5

So after having a week of massive research and developing for my Theory of the Earthquake Patterns; I felt even happier to go to class today, I had an extra motivation since it helped me realize more than I expected. The fact that I’m learning not only to flight but to love numbers, it’s aContinue reading “Pilot’s Diary -Day 5”


Class exposition Here you need to prepare the lesson Procedure with its timing; minute by minute. Remember that the classwork or Practice may take some time. Don’t forget the procedure of 1 exercise example of how to do it, 2 Let them do a second exercise but supervise and 3, let them do the thirdContinue reading “BECOME A TEACHER part 2”


THE FACES OF ABBY- CHAPTER I Its 7 am in the city of Brussels. It’s the morning after the last football match of the Euro Cup; the silence is finally here. The people are walking home hungover wandering the typical European streets and some are running after public transport, trying to make it to work.Continue reading “THE FACES OF ABBY -I”

Pilot’s Diary – Day 4

I had some homework to do and I totally forgot… but we corrected it all together 😉 Good, now I know how to use the flight computer. I bit tricky indeed but is all about habit (as almost everything in life-practice, practice-). Our professor is very friendly and he knows what he’s talking about; sometimesContinue reading “Pilot’s Diary – Day 4”


So you are considering becoming a teacher? You are in the best era to become one and the worst. See, being a Teacher is a very exhausting and yet a rewarding job. You will have work after working hours and during the weekends. If you work in a school that respects your career, you willContinue reading “BECOME A TEACHER part 1”

Pilot’s Diary – Day 3

There I was; motivated once again. This time we started the Navigation chapter… I got there on time so I had some minutes to socialize a bit and it felt amazing that everyone is thrilled to be there; I guess that helps the morals (is like, you don’t feel so crazy anymore).   The professorContinue reading “Pilot’s Diary – Day 3”

Pilot’s Diary- Day 2

I skipped the second day. I’m not sure if I did it because I was demoralized by the first day or just because I had a material’s issue. So, in the next session (3rd) I said to myself “ c’mon Lidia, you can do this. You’ve accomplished so many other obstacles in the last years;Continue reading “Pilot’s Diary- Day 2”