I’m so happy to write about this… I’ve noticed a big wave of educational content and behaviors in the last couple of years, not only in the “how to do stuff” videos of social media, but also in the giant Hollywood.

I’ve recently watched the TV Show Timeless; a production of NBC, and I must say that I was bit skeptical of it, but I immediately got hooked in the historical writing. I just love it! I’ve been craving for shows like this, where you can easily share with students, especially in middle school and high school, it’s a wonderful way of rewarding your pupils as well as to recap a History chapter. It reminded me this kids cartoon back in my childhood when this explorer used to go back in time to the bible stories. Beautiful!

The show is getting better and better, I guess that’s normal and I want to say that writers are doing such a great job in delivering the story on screen. Obviously everyone involved is to be congratulated, since is a great final product, that I’m happily consuming! And I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

I’ve recently talked about Genius from National Geographic; first season was about Einstein and now second season is about Pablo Picasso, and well you might remember my enthusiasm when talking about it. I hope they have a PG13 version, so we can implement it on school activities. But it’s just amazing.

Another show that has caught my attention was a random script, sort of saying; you’d probably heard of it, Dirk Gently a holistic detective. There are rumors of cancellation, but I would say that it’s amazing how the plot can take you back and forth when speaking of random physics and even further of metaphysics. It’s the kind of show that will make you think a bit more than usual, and then you’ll feel rewarded with some interaction. It’s an impressive writing.

If you notice, all the new consuming media it’s allowing us the refreshment of not only entertain the mind but also to develop it. I remember I downloaded the app Lumosity back in 2016, and I would say that it definitely helped me developing some cognitive skills and memorization. And recently I downloaded Brain it on, that it helps you developing problem solving skills. It’s quite impressive how you can go so far into it. Another favorite is Math Puzzle :p

Well, I could easily continue with the list of Educational trendy things, as with films and so on. I’ve noticed that millennials are the ones enriching these things; this generation has been broadly criticized the last decade, that it started to feel heavy; but as we can see now, they were heavily learning random stuff that now are being useful in society. To mention some of these good uses; we can see how they are using video making to enlighten people with the truth, when the Media has been lying to its consumers for years (not all media of course, but you know what I mean), now the competition is any decent citizen with a camera in their hands. They are also discovering new places and showing to the world how beautiful nature can be.

Do you see how education is becoming the thing lately? Is not any more about certifications, diplomas and accreditation; is just about knowledge and the good use of it! I believe we have a long way to “perfection” (if ever), but it seems to be that we may have gotten in the right track. I can’t wait to see the flourishing of innovation with this generation, imagine for a second; with so much, let’s do some wonders!

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