Some of them, us ©

And one day, you get to learn how to die a little, so you let other people live Sometimes I wonder if they know Do they know how much desire goes away from them?  Do they know the dreams are far from their pillow?  Some are the safety net And some are the safety fall Continue reading “Some of them, us ©”

Un día como mil años y mil años como un día

Un día como mil años y mil años como un día “Mas, oh amados, no ignoréis esto: que para con el Señor un día es como mil años, y mil años como un día.”- 2Pedro 3:8 Así como el Sol representa el comenzar de cada día en la tierra. Siendo este nuestro calendario solar (gregoriano)…Continue reading “Un día como mil años y mil años como un día”

Day 14-More rules

RULES OF THE AIR Today’s class we saw all the rules of the Air. Now, titles always seem to be boring, but to tell you the truth there’s no such thing as boring when learning something (at least for me). In between all the information we have to retain for ourselves as captains (someday); weContinue reading “Day 14-More rules”

Day 13 –Back in theory

Summer is over After a loooong summer in Belgium… we are officially in Autumn and back in school. I was thrilled to go back to my pilot classes but I couldn’t make it to the first three lessons. In between life, art and education; summer laziness and lack of agenda can be brutal to getContinue reading “Day 13 –Back in theory”

Pilot’s Diary-Day 12- Practice

So, taking advantage of summer days; I had my brother visiting me for a couple of weeks and I thought it would be cool to go and make some practicing hours with him, or better said I wanted to show off 😎 After a few cancellations due weather conditions, we finally got a green light.Continue reading “Pilot’s Diary-Day 12- Practice”

Productive Holidays

Summer enjoyment productivity *I’m making a pause with the Pilot’s Diary blog, because we are in summer vacation period; and as you know the blog consist in the full learning experience of it, therefore I’ll be adding them back when I start school all over again in September. Don’t worry; I might have some practiceContinue reading “Productive Holidays”


Type of learning Styles   Logical: They feel the need to be good at something, so they put extra effort in the mathematics and sciences. They like the fact of using more numbers than letters and solving problems instead of expressing ideas. Kinesthetic: They need to exercise and they also need to feel that theyContinue reading “SPECIAL EDUCATION-Dyslexia II”


What is Dyslexia? According to Cambridge dictionary; dyslexia is a condition affecting the brain that makes it difficult for someone to read and write. Then again, we see is a condition that affects the student in their school needs, such as reading and writing. I’ve found that students with dyslexia are vehement when applying knowledge,Continue reading “SPECIAL EDUCATION-Dyslexia I”


THE FACES OF ABBY- CHAPTER VIII “Go home, Abby…for now”- said, Terry. I remember walking out the building confused, filled with rage and discomfort. I thought of going home but I didn’t feel stable enough to put on a straight face. What was I going to say? I knew I didn’t have a place toContinue reading “THE FACES OF ABBY- VIII”