EDUCATION  I’m so happy to write about this… I’ve noticed a big wave of educational content and behaviors in the last couple of years, not only in the “how to do stuff” videos of social media, but also in the giant Hollywood. I’ve recently watched the TV Show Timeless; a production of NBC, and IContinue reading “EDUCATION IS TRENDY NOW”


The faces of Abby 7   “I’m Terry, your creator” “My creator? What am I, a humanoid? “- I laugh with anger “No, you are real but your path has been redirected since your first days on earth”-Terry said “What is he talking about, F0 Answer me!!” F0 looked at me with pity in hisContinue reading “THE FACES OF ABBY- VII”

Pilot’s Diary- Day 7-Practice

This aviation experience has definitely changed my everyday life, is like something else has activated in me; in terms of knowledge and reality. I love technology and as I mentioned before, I belong to the generation that knows IT deep within its core. i.e. Tom (from Myspace) indirectly taught us coding and well; it wasContinue reading “Pilot’s Diary- Day 7-Practice”


Don’t let it use you Don’t let the tool use you… technology, apps, platforms, smartphones, etc. are intended to help you enhance your abilities and experiences. These technologies aren’t there to be used instead of your own brain. The best of intelligence out there isn’t AI but humanity. Emotional intelligence is one of the biggestContinue reading “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE VS HUMAN INTELLIGENCE”