The faces of Abby



“I’m Terry, your creator”

“My creator? What am I, a humanoid? “- I laugh with anger

“No, you are real but your path has been redirected since your first days on earth”-Terry said

“What is he talking about, F0 Answer me!!”

F0 looked at me with pity in his eyes, he looked away as if he was ashamed or scared of me and/or the situation.

“Answer me F0!”, what is he talking about?”

“See Abby, as I was saying… we are the responsible for the death of your parents. But we always took care of you… you belong to the missionary program”

“Missionary program?”

“You are one of the best examples we got from that… is the best generation so far. You were handed to strangers on a small village with a great background story of your family. We injected love in you, without you even received such… you believed since the first memory that you were a miracle for your parents… and indeed you were; but not exactly as you may remember. Then we gave you your first maternal figure, in which you idealized as gentle and kind; and indeed they were, but they were forced to give you away… by our organization. Later in life, you had some of the worst foster families ever recorded in history; but you survived them all. Your amazing love story of ‘being a wanted child’ held you for years and years…”

“I … You… what are you telling me?”- I mumble

“Abby our program has raised some prodigies throughout time… it allows the prodigy human to fight back constantly so it develops a psychological protection. The best generation, your generation has proved that the program works perfectly. We saw great real samples of humans in history that had their own struggle through life and then they developed such inequitable strength… you managed to adapt, you learned faster than kids around you; because for you it was substantial, it was a way to continue, to walk forward, and to become yourself. By giving you the best biological memories, you managed to survived… remember that week that you spend without food because your foster family at the time didn’t feed you? You managed your way around… remember that month that you spend without water, because your foster family at the time didn’t have the resources to pay on time… you managed to bring water from the river and on top of everything you defrost it… what about the months you had to sleep in the street because that foster family put you out, and you had to find your way back to the orphanage? … and all that, because you knew in your heart you were a wanted child from birth”.

My tears of anger started falling…

“Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because your time to use your training is about to start and you need to know the truth”

Published by lidiaaviles Copyright © 1987-2087 Lidia Aviles. All rights reserved.

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