Pilot’s Diary-Day 9

So, today we started the Meteorology chapter. I was kind of excited as usual waiting to be surprised by some extravagant knowledge.

I’ve recently started reading the book Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner; and it tells us about different methods for our brain or a way of learning. The book is targeted to languages learning, but I must say is map road for any kind of learning. While reading the book I started recognizing some of these Technics that my brain has naturally been doing since very young and if you read it; you’ll feel that familiarity as well.

The reason I’m mentioning this book is because it makes a reference on brain mapping methodology. This method has been a learning savior in history and now has come to surface once again. Now, my point is that I’ve always used it but I didn’t know it had a name. If you are familiar with our Avenger super hero, Iron Man, you’ll have an idea of the Virtual Reality option of this. When Tony Stark uses technology to bring some ideas to life, but first we see these bunch of cool virtual graphics in a hologram mode. And he gets to explain people by pointing out or “virtual grabbing/touching the objects”…. Did I get too far? 😂

What I’m trying to say is that that’s a basic version of what it means… whenever I got into that brain mode; my friends used to ask me ‘what was I cooking?’🙆… and they used to make fun of me when I used my hands in the air in order to explain things and to make them imagine what I wanted to say. Trust me is a fun technique to use with your own imagination; thought you might give the impression of losing your mind… ha!🙊

Ufff… Hmmm… going back to the Meteorology lesson, I was expecting to accumulate more information into my brain because I need some of this for different things. One is for the piloting purpose (of course) and two; because I’m developing another theory in Physics where I’ve discovered the fifth force. So excited right! – The thing is that I’ve found that even what is already ‘discovered/developed’ is wrong (somehow). Which it gets even more excited, or bumming… Redirecting Sciences and Physics this season 😉

Meteorology plays a huge part of such observation and it’s not anymore a piloting lesson but also the Universe itself- at least for me 😛

Anyways; now that I’ve expressed my excitement I may continue to tell you that we had a review of the atmosphere, its definition, composition, structure… density, pressure, temperature, etc. I’ve learned the word hypoxia.

Then we moved into the Topic of Altimetry and then we started some numeric exercises AGAINNN… 😅


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