Lady Lidia Aviles SCT (1987 яi)

EU Climate Pact Ambassador | Sustainability & Innovation Governance Expert, mentor, writer, educator and entrepreneur | Counsel PA


Lidia Aviles (1987 яi) EU Climate Pact Ambassador—is a Sustainability & Innovation Expert, mentor, writer, educator and entrepreneur; Discoverer of Earthquake Pattern “The Rebound” following renaissance multi-disciplines. Born to protestant missionaries, her father Rev. Ulises Aviles (R.I.P 2020) and her mother Dr Dalia Ayala (ND), both founders of Ministerio Retornando a las Escrituras (Ministry Returning to the Scriptures). Lidia grew up as a cross-cultural kid (CCK) from a multicultural background (NSEW), as a Preacher’s kid (PK). She has a younger brother, Benjamin Aviles PhD. Lidia has graduated from International Relations and has dif. specializations such as Managerial Economics, International Law, Public Affairs, and Global Management. She has a high interest in the fine, visual and performing arts. Lidia also shares a passion for Aviation & Education,

Author of Education Series Books & contributor for different educational editorials. Professor of Business Law and Business Ethics at the H. University US. (2016-2018). In December 2014, Lidia announced to follow a vegan diet due to Animal Cruelty.

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