H.E. Lidia Aviles (1987 яi)

EU Climate Pact Ambassador |MiT Sustainability Certified|Cambridge Teaching Certified | Vetted Sustainability and Strategy Expert |International Affairs, Law, International Business Specialized |Business Law & Business Ethics Professorship |Sustainability, Metaverse, and Space Travel Scholar


H.E. Lidia Aviles (1987 яi) EU Climate Pact Ambassador—is a Sustainability & Innovation Expert, mentor, writer, educator and entrepreneur; Discoverer of Earthquake Pattern “The Rebound” following renaissance multi-disciplines. Born to protestant missionaries, her father Rev. Ulises Aviles (R.I.P 2020) and her mother Dr Dalia Ayala (ND), both founders of Ministerio Retornando a las Escrituras (Ministry Returning to the Scriptures). Lidia grew up as a cross-cultural kid (CCK) from a multicultural background (NSEW), as a Preacher’s kid (PK). She has a younger brother, Benjamin Aviles PhD. Lidia has graduated from International Relations and has dif. specializations such as Managerial Economics, International Law, Public Affairs, and Global Management. She has a high interest in the fine, visual and performing arts. Lidia also shares a passion for Aviation & Education,

Author of Education Series Books & contributor for different educational editorials. Professor of Business Law and Business Ethics at the H. University US. (2016-2018). In December 2014, Lidia announced to follow a vegan diet due to Animal Cruelty.

H.E. Aviles is International Investors Relations, EIC Seasonal Expert, and she is Global Advisor at Guidepoint, Advisory Board at Galanthus Initiative, and Vetted Sustainability Trusted Advisor EMEA.

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