Pilot’s Diary- Day 7-Practice

This aviation experience has definitely changed my everyday life, is like something else has activated in me; in terms of knowledge and reality. I love technology and as I mentioned before, I belong to the generation that knows IT deep within its core. i.e. Tom (from Myspace) indirectly taught us coding and well; it was fun and now is useful… although, technology has advanced so much that has made us a bit too lazy.

These days, people talk about Virtual Reality so much… and I’m also excited about it, but I don’t like the idea of replacing real experiences for virtual ones. When the human brain accommodates on having everything n their hands, then is like moving to pursue things are irrelevant, and they aren’t.

In order to achieve a great virtual experience, the builder of such activity has to know how it “feels” exactly in order to recreate it and therefore to share it. Or at least to have all the data it needs for sensational reasons. Now, why am I talking about this?

Today I had my first official flight… with a captain OF COURSE. And I couldn’t help noticing all the work we have to do before the actual flying.

I arrived about one hour earlier (as if I was getting into a commercial flight 😂 )… just in case right ha!😛 –and while waiting in the pilot’s launch, I was simply reading the syllabus. The captain came and we moved to the runway.

Some of the steps we had to do were: Getting the plane out of the hangar, check the whole machine from up to down, especially the wings, tail and being sure we have enough gas… tricky thing… then when we make sure that everything seems in order, we finally get into the plane and so we start our readings-checklist… OUT LOUD, one by one, exciting right 😴….. ha! Takes FOREVER, I just want to fly man!😒

Finally we were ready to take off… a commercial plane was taking off before us so we had to circle away and then come back to avoid the turbulence 😉. Then, we took off, seeing in practice all the information that I’ve learned so far was a bit overwhelming… too many things to remember on my own. Once we finally stabilized in the right altitude, I took some selfies 😇 haha… right! And in between stress, nervous and excitement; my hands were sweating… suddenly I had a discomfort on my ears and decided to move my headset just a bit… BAD IDEA! omG… nothing happened right away, but I regret it the whole weekend! I’m fine though… (if you ever feel the need to do that; DON’T).

The captain asked me if I wanted to take the control… my answer was “mmmm, next time maybe” ha!… I love adrenaline, but I had a blank 🙆 … first time okayyyy.  When taking the yoke, I was somehow scared of moving it out of impulse. See, when you are driving a car you kind of support your arms on the wheel sometimes, but you can’t do that on the plane… because if you push it; the aircraft will go down, if you pull it, it will go up and if you go left or right, it might flip…. Ha! You kno wha I’m sayinnn

About forty two minutes later we simply went back… I must say that I was finally getting used to the inertia, but time flew ✈ We landed as a pro (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this right).

See what I mean when I say reality vs. Virtual? Let’s not jeopardize any of them, but it’s important to take reality real guys. Don’t you think? I can’t wait for the rest of it!

Liking my G-Star jacket? 😍😎


Here is a video from a classmate… he’s rocking it! Kind of loving those GoPro.


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