Don’t let it use you

Don’t let the tool use you… technology, apps, platforms, smartphones, etc. are intended to help you enhance your abilities and experiences. These technologies aren’t there to be used instead of your own brain. The best of intelligence out there isn’t AI but humanity. Emotional intelligence is one of the biggest treasures you got; two smartphones are fabricated to function equally but humans are unique. Thousands of self-help guide books, courses, influencers are there to provide some possible solutions, but don’t ever forget that you may come with your own unique experiences and understanding. How to do this and that; are great motivational readings but your critical independent thinking is the one that will determine how to improve. You can even spot many errors (and that’s ok).

I’ve recently watched Genius first season Einstein; the limited Series produced by National Geography based on the book ‘Einstein his life and universe by Walter Isaacson‘; and the question that kept on knocking since I first read the book back in 2010 and then the TV Series kindly reminded me was “What if Einstein would have simply read, graduate and never question anything? What if he never questioned Newton?”

Every time in history we find people being fully criticized for their uniqueness and critical thinking, but these exact same people are the ones that have shaped history, and thanks to them we can now enjoy so many things, including technology. Then why do we want to be robotized?

I can’t help feeling heartache when I see an entire generation trying to copy paste full experiences and intellectual decisions. This generation needs to realize how lucky it is to have information in its hands (literally). Create, innovate, think, imagine, and change the world!


Retrospective thinking is important. Have you noticed that wisdom isn’t a topic of conversation anymore? We all speak of intelligence, power and social manipulations (in the different names…) but where did we leave wisdom? Why did we leave wisdom behind along with principles, dignity, transparency and integrity? If we focus on becoming materialistic rich and famous… are we going to have energy to preserve the self?

What are you doing for your planet? What are you doing for your community? I’ve recently experience the loss of a loved one and I was in shock that while I tried visiting daily in what became the last days of a 91 year old woman, the next door elderly people got zero visits…. about forty elderly people in the same hall that had not one person to give them a smile in their last days. I understand that they might not have family, but can we volunteer more for others? It doesn’t hurt to be there to hold a hand, to brush white hair, to read …to give a smile.

What are we doing with our time? Are you educating yourself or are you being robotized? Are you enhancing your inner self or are you degrading your mind? Have you contemplated it nature today? Do you know that nature is a great teacher? When was the last time you took time to simply see the sky and accept its wonders? How can you create if you are over-consuming what others (a few) are barely creating? I hope you understand that my message isn’t about you disconnecting from technology but to remember that it is just a tool.


-In Loving Memory of Madame Maes, whom had a chance to play a bit with technology. And got a funny moment playing with filters-


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