Your children or student needs you to understand them so you can be able to help them out. Sometimes we feel frustrated with our students or children because they seem unreactive to all the efforts we are making for their academic success, but we get to neglect their own personal struggles.

I’ve confronted parents that they just don’t want to accept that there is something different with their children thinking that is a bad thing. There’s nothing bad with your children, they may just need a different approach in order to succeed. Being stuck in a way of thinking is a dangerous thing when speaking about Education. We constantly blame students for lack of motivation or perception over the lessons, without knowing that maybe the student feels frustrated on his own of trying without success.

As teacher we need to understand one thing: every student want to succeed and don’t want to be left behind. We sometimes confuse their distractive or slow behavior as a mistake, when in fact it could be a great learning super power or weapon if we learn to identify their special needs.

Here I will try to give a general idea for the most common classroom special education needs among students. If you want to know more, I would recommend you to make an extend research about it or take some seminars related to your topic of interest.

Once you get to discover what your student super power is, you will be able to provide related support and once you start seeing the results, you will wish you knew this before.

Throughout the reading you will probably feel that you already had this students in your lessons and you might have already discover some of their learning tricks; if not, then I hope you pick up something from this reading that will help you improve your teaching skills and understanding.

When you meet your students for the first time, is a good idea to ask them to write about themselves and you giving them as one of the ideas to write if they have any special condition. If you see a constant and strong behavior then get in contact with parents and ask them straight; keep in mind that this could be a sensitive topic to address, so be gentle and put yourself in the shoes of the parents. Ask your colleagues, maybe they already know something.

I guess you are familiar already with the different types of learning; therefore I will give you some general information for each condition, to know what the best type of learning for your students.


Keep a Track Record


As I mentioned before you should have a notebook with one page per student or so where you can write down about their behavior; and every time you try a new activity or technique you will have fact evidence for yourself for future references. You maybe have only one student with this condition this year, but you will have more in the future for sure and you may forget the good ideas that worked perfectly. Also, you will remember how to encourage them.

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