Pilot’s Diary- Day 10-Practice

So this was another exciting day. I wasn’t scared anymore. Let’s say that I was a bit too hyperactive this time, is like I wanted to learn it all in once! I was lucky to be assigned the same aircraft as well as the same captain (instructor); it feels easy when you recognize the environment, especially when seeing the board. So, now I knew how to get the craft out of the hangar, and to check it out from A-Z and indeed it felt more natural that we had to do all of it.

We put some gas and then we took off… this time my energy was in the right place. I felt in control (just the feeling 😌), and well I guess that translate when finally doing stuff. The instructor taught me plenty of things that day (as expected), such as redirecting the aircraft left or right, up and down… turning around, keeping balance on the yoke as well as the pressure. Man, is a new world, seriously. I was REALLY enjoying it this time!

Since I like extreme sports, it might sound normal; but I must say that I don’t usually get this excited about things, no matter how great they are. I was feeling like a little girl in the playground 😇🙆

At the end of the hour, I found out that we did three lessons, go figure! I had the opportunity of taking the yoke for a couple of minutes many times, scared but amazed. I also understood the radio; that’s something that I didn’t get the first time. I’m glad I memorized the NATO P.A. (you can see it in a previous post), so important!

While flying I’ve experienced some specifics of aerodynamics, such as the gravitational and air bombs. I got a recap lesson of how the wings work in combination of the tail and the use of the yoke in general. How it really translate when combining it all. Nerve wracking!

In the technical part, everything went great, but I must say that the view of the Horizon was AMAZING! It was a Sunny blue sky day. And the cabin was very warm (but hey, we don’t complain for that in Belgium 😏). We finally landed, and I felt that I had achieved a step forward in some new dimension of the brain, can’t wait for more.

Here is a little video of my practice 🙂


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