Love and Support

Students with Asperger’s syndrome usually suffer from misinterpretation among their peers; and sometimes even from bulling because is hard for them to identify the social limits, as well as the social needs around them. In general they are alone all the time and is very difficult for them to make friends; once the make a friend, is for sure that they will be for a lifetime.

Most of the time, students with Asperger will barely feel loneliness since they actually enjoy these moments where they can think, create and pursue a goal. They won’t understand society in the same level other students do, and will probably be very judgy when seeing injustice happening. These students tend to follow a cause that represents their values in life. They are very loyal and fair. If they are into a video game or fiction story; they will defend that with their soul and heart. They tend to be eloquent and other students will use these abilities in order to get the best in group work. They are extremely competitive in games and sports, and will do everything to win. They enjoy intellectual games in school and eventually will be a surprise to the other students whom have taken them for granted. As any other student, they also need you to encourage them and reward them whenever you can.


This is the kind of student that won’t give you any discipline trouble unless something is wrong. This student will probably be the first in the classroom and the last to go. He/she will always deliver homework; will always remember the deadlines and will always accomplish his/her work in class. If you don’t challenge them enough, he will go away in their imagination and probably take out his own book or notebook and start reading or writing. They always find something productive to do, and will always have energy. If they do something inappropriate, feel free to talk to them and explain that it cannot happen again (you have to put the limit because they can’t assimilate it on their own)


Tips for organization

Here again, they will probably be more organized than you. And if you pay attention, you can even learn from them in order to help other students. They will probably use color coding without you asking for it, and if they don’t use it yet, they will feel happy if you teach them.

They will never lose homework papers or books; so you can trust them with novels or other learning material.


Social engagement

Here we are with the tricky part. Since social skills are their weakest point, this is where they need the most of help from you as a teacher. At the beginning of the school year, you got to make sure that they start working in groups; otherwise it will be too late for them.

I would recommend forcing groups randomly sometimes because if you let students chose who they want to work with, then the student with Asperger will never be chosen at the beginning of the year.

Although, once you discover how intellectual they are and make a little propaganda of their skills, then other students will see him/her as an assent they should have in their teams. Be aware that this won’t make him more happy or sad, but it will help him/her to develop his social skills.


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