Is important not to take it personal; students behave the way they want not because they like you or not, but because they have their own personal lives. The more you get to know them the more you will understand. This doesn’t mean that they can do whatever they want; this only means that you will be able to help them more.

Is also good to ask your colleagues about their point of view; they might have some information already that may be useful for the development of the student. You can also help each other in finding ways of helping the student. When I say ‘helping’ I don’t mean to let him be as he is, but to help him to succeed in this present life/subject they are sharing with you. Do you remember those teachers that encouraged you to be better and treated you with respect? Maybe you want to be like them. Another thing to remember is that everybody has different talents; this means that if your student isn’t talented in your class might be because he or she is talented in a different subject. His cognitive intelligence could be different from your specific class; but they are all smart in something.

Keep it real; you also have a life on your own and you need time and space for yourself. For example, when you are in a break, your students should know that is your free time too not only theirs, but being flexible when you consider it necessary will give you extra points to sympathize with them. Remember to put limits, at the end they need to see an authority in you.


  • Take notes for each student; with general descriptions and conditions. And continue taking notes on them by date; see their progress and understand yourself what has worked and what hasn’t.
  • Have open talks with them and ask them about the worst experience they ever had in a different school so you can see if they have any nostalgic activity or trauma behavior.



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