Pilot’s Diary-Day 8

After so much brainstorming over different things; I had such an intense week. See someone asked me this week if there’s something I don’t do, well; I don’t procrastinate (most of the time). Therefore I try using my time wisely and I do use an agenda… let’s say that I try being productive, when I say productive I don’t mean profitable, though that would be great :p

And I don’t mean to sound pretentious; there are PLENTY of things I still don’t know…

I was super excited to go learning (as every week). I kind of got there a bit earlier to socialize a bit, because I’m usually running all the time… I must say that I had so much fun with my classmates; everyone speaking about their own experience and how it’s changing their life perspective.

Today we had a Radionavigation class, where we learn what it is and how it works. I can’t spoil the syllabus guys, but I would say that it’s AMAZING. I remember my dad giving some fun moments in my childhood teaching me how to use the radio for communication purposes and its frequencies; he got me these walk talkies… Being in the classroom, I started having like a big flashback of my dad’s lessons as a little girl. Our instructor was explaining us about beacons; and how we can navigate with it. See, if we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, the beacons help us to find our accurate location and then we can move forward. But as many things in aviation, there always blind spots and complications, nothing is easy as it sounds. We can use the beacons, but finding them is a different story… and there’s also the thing of recognizing such…

One of the things that caught my attention was the use of Morse code; well, we don’t really need it but that’s how we are supposed to recognize where we are. What do I mean when I say that we don’t need it? Nowadays we have technology that translates everything for us… but I thought it was a cool thing to get it back in my system as a challenge. So I decided to do some flashcards to remember the Morse code… My dad also taught me that when I was a girl, all that was in the purpose of playing, but now I’m finding use for it. My dad taught me how to Morse code my name first and then moved on to the S.O.S ( … _ _ _ …) … at the end we ended up using the Morse code for insight jokes 😛

As “navigating” through the course; I remembered this cool movie Frequency with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. The movie talks about an accidental cross-time radio link that connects a father and son across 30 years. Is a science fiction film, but it combines some of the best educational written stories in matters of physics and math. And it brings us to the part where frequencies can bend and travel through different surfaces providing different effects. i.e. Coast effect and Mountain effect….Which brought me to another Theory that I have on development!



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