Weekly Challenge- NATO P.A.


Hi Guys, you know I’m learning to pilot these days. Hopefully getting my pilot license in a year or so. If you’ve been following my Pilot’s Diary blog post (every week); you’ll see that I’m learning much more than I thought I would. I decided to start another weekly post to share more of the things I’m learning every week, I’ll emphasize in some memorization challenges.

So this week I’ve chosen to share the NATO phonetic alphabet. One of the main reasons; is because I need it for Radio communication, something like a Pilot’s language.

You are probably familiar with a recent incident that happened a couple weeks ago, where a pilot of a Southwest airline flight saved some lives… since is something of my interest at the moment I also listened to the communication file that went public (here), where the pilot explained her craft problems with the control tower. Maybe you are not into piloting, but maybe you are into communications; either way I think is a great idea learning such thing even if you think you don’t need it, because probably you will someday.

You can find the NATO P.A. on Wikipedia (click here) or in any other source. I would recommend reading it a couple of times and then go with the video. Flashcards are one of my favorite memorization techniques, when is about specific accurate content. A continuation for this weekly challenge is the Morse code, so that’ll be the next challenge.

Video: here

I hope this little video flashcards technique helps you memorize such. And see you next week! Don’t forget to subscribe, share and cheer 🙂


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