According to the GPS, I had arrived at the location where I was supposed to find agent F0… or at least that’s what I thought. Everything is easier when you have access to all this technology we do in this day and age. I have the infrared night lenses activated in case to experience all my sense the fullest; it’s intoxicating. So thrilling… but no technology can replace how my mind can bend time and space (sort of saying… maybe I can explain later). I would say that I’m a little rebel when it comes to IA. I like it a lot, but it feels good to train for basic features; although in the field, there’s nothing better than the real deal.

The GPS brought me to this very crowded area, so I parked my motorbike and started walking towards the signal. It leads me to the fanciest building I had ever seen. I walked in and used a code-cracker to enter the first door. Cautiously, I walked up the stairs floor by floor.

I finally arrived at the exact location of F0’s signal. I rounded the corner to where I saw a group of people sitting and chatting… as if nothing happened. I entered suspiciously and at once, all eyes were on me. Like I was a stranger walking on the wrong set. Have you been in a movie set? I stood there puzzled and confused. Why was everyone looking at me, but nothing was happening. Did time freeze? 

The silence was broken. “Hello Abby.” said the man with sky blue puffy eyes. 

“What is this place?” I asked.

“We have been waiting for you…”

“It seems like it.” I replied.

This awkward situation brought me back to a memory from my childhood. I didn’t know what was going on, and I didn’t know any of them. The last ten years of my service as an agent has put me in some strange situations, those I understood. But this, this moment, I didn’t. I started to step back slowly announcing that I should be leaving… 

A firm voice said, “Sit down Abby.”

At that moment, I couldn’t move but I felt a rush… Suddenly I was dashing for the door. 

“SIT DOWN.” He screamed.

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back. I noticed F0 seated at one end of the conference room. At ease, I walked towards the table and took a seat.

“Start talking,” I said.

The man with the puffy blue eyes started speaking…

“You’ve been trained all your life for this moment, Abby. Since the day you were born, everything was in preparation for this day. Today marks the first day of your entire life… Today is your 30th birthday; you’ve accomplished so much. It’s an incredible thing… you are an incredible being. Do you know who we are? Do you know why you are here?”

I nodded in a way of accepting his speech, but I was confused and clueless.

“See Abby, nothing of what you remember exists. Remember your parents? Remember your foster family?”

“Yes?” I said in a reluctant tone. 

We killed your family, Abby. You needed such adversities to become the woman you are today.

Enraged, I didn’t have the words to explain the amount of my anger I felt in this moment… I felt there was a volcano in me… and it was about to erupt without me being able to stop it from happening. I gazed at F0 for any sort of explanation while the man with puffy eyes continued his speech.

“What is your name”- I asked

To be continued…

Published by lidiaaviles Copyright © 1987-2087 Lidia Aviles. All rights reserved.

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