Day 14-More rules


Today’s class we saw all the rules of the Air. Now, titles always seem to be boring, but to tell you the truth there’s no such thing as boring when learning something (at least for me).

In between all the information we have to retain for ourselves as captains (someday); we also have to remember our passengers and brief them with the right information for security purposes, in case of accident or so.

Something that got my full attention was the minimum height we should keep; see this will always depends on the country or region. Obviously there’s a security standard but depending on region there’s also a legal standard.

Another tricky thing is the emergency landing; apart from being part of an unpleasant experience is also an action that requires a lot of focus and attention before, during and after the incident. You’ll have to follow some sort of protocol during the whole process… let’s say that you had to land in the middle of nowhere due a craft failure but one you landed you noticed that is something easy to correct, so you fix it yourself… if this was a car, you get back on the road and that’s all; but considering this is aviation, you can’t do that. If emergency landing occurs, you’ll have to leave the plane there and complete lots of possible paperwork, call the authorities, etc. (This is getting crazier…) 😌

We also see the traffic rules of the air have their own way of working as the regular transport. Aviation also provides signalization, priorities, and all sort of rules. Most of it is for the same reason of collision avoidance and other kind of accidents.

There’s a funny angle of common sense that we should respect as well as the obvious idea that even if we may have the priority according to the rules, but we notice that will be easier for us to apply maneuvers (depends on what), then we should avoid the problems…

One last thing is the intercepting; when we are flying and suddenly we have a neighbor flying authority, usually military that will eventually communicate with us and to us, and we’ll do to obey. If the F16 intercepts you, this means #follow me 😂😏

We also learned about the Flight planning… all instructions regarding its process as well as the closing… Yes, we have to close our flight plan at arrival ALWAYS. And there’s a clock ticking in which you have to perform such duty, so you better get into the business…😷

Then, we learned the how to use the Transponder for Radar purposes; there are some codes that we must memorize, and these will be picked up as signal depending on our current flight status. By scouding 7500 we are saying that we have been hack jacked… so we better know our numbers correctly, if you know what I mean :p What about possible parasite echo?= birds noise, thunderstorms, traffic, natural causes, etc.

And last but not least … when I was heading to the clouds (in my mind), some ADHD momentum that I have once and a while, I heard the instructor saying “and we all know that electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light”. –I must say that I like the way that phrase took me back to earth (in a sense…).

I love how Physics comes and goes, always keep learning 😍

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