Pilot’s Diary -Day 5

So after having a week of massive research and developing for my Theory of the Earthquake Patterns; I felt even happier to go to class today, I had an extra motivation since it helped me realize more than I expected. The fact that I’m learning not only to flight but to love numbers, it’s a pretty thing and on top of that it helped me connect the dots that were missing for a more accurate developing of the part of seismology! (Completely different topic).

We continued with the Navigation chapter… and today we practice more. How to calculate Tt, V, d, D, W, E, D, L, R? Ha!

Then we moved on to a more specific topic which is the Heading On & Heading Back … Ufff!

So imagine that you are heading north to The Netherlands from Paris, and then if you need to go back (reasons for this can be i.e. a storm), you can’t simply turn around (as you would do with a car); you need to calculate everything ALL OVER AGAIN … like-seriously??? Many reasons for this, for example: the wind is in the opposite direction of your plane… so the drift will also be in the contrary. Our instructor has made a great fast formula that we’ve been using, but we also had to learn the old trick (just in case ;).

We also learned the influence of the wind on speed. We need to take in count: for No wind (Ground Speed and Airspeed TAS ), Tailwind (GS=TAS + Wind), for Headwind GS=TAS – Wind and for Crosswind: GS ≠ TAS-> Flight time (?) Drift ->Heading (?)

-I hope you are still following; I almost got lost in the middle of it :p –

Then we used all that and move to learn about the Speed triangle; in which we are using all the different formulas and technicality; but here now we started applying the use of the flight computer (back side this time) as a way to simplify the process. Let’s say that the flight computer is easy to use but only after you practice enough… because it has some tricks. Once we know all the technical words, codes and initials then are just easy to follow. Thought the exactitude of the flight computer can vary by millimeters due its size, but if we wish extremely accurate we can always recur to the calculator… but then again, the idea is to be able to use the flight computer for a quicker result.

If you are a math teacher reading this… please integrate some of this to your lessons. I promise it will reach more interest to your class from literal and spatial kids; not just the logical ones! And maybe you can even combine curriculum with Geography teacher and Physics? –Just saying, I wish I enjoyed this before….

P.S. I wanted so share that cloud wind representation image with you; because I think is ADORABLE 😍


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