Class exposition

Here you need to prepare the lesson Procedure with its timing; minute by minute. Remember that the classwork or Practice may take some time. Don’t forget the procedure of 1 exercise example of how to do it, 2 Let them do a second exercise but supervise and 3, let them do the third exercise on their own, and then correct it (Correcting in groups is always better, so they can learn from each other).

i.e. Introduction= 5 minutes =Tell a story related to the topic and then ask questions to engage students with their personal opinions.


Ideas for exercise should be well thought since the student will be doing this without your guidance, so only give them practice. Or investigations where there won’t be room for mistakes. Also try to make it fun for the sake of your students.


Again, please make it simple (if you are the one making it). I don’t mean easy, but don’t complicate the lives of your students. Try making the exam more about practice review than memorizing concepts, since in real life the memorization won’t have so much use. Remember that the exam is to evaluate their learning levels as well as your teaching skills; If for some reason all your students are having bad grades in your class, you should consider re-structuring your methodology.


Set time apart for this; either to correct homework, quizzes or exams. I recommend that homework and class assignments should be corrected in group with all the students, so you will give the opportunity of everyone to learn from each other (as I already mentioned it previously).

For exams, you should tell your family is corrections’ time; so nobody will bother you and you will be fair when reading everyone’s exams. Remember those papers are a piece of vulnerability of each of your students, so be personal when correcting them. They are no numbers. You know their strengths and weaknesses, therefore “be fair when asking a Fish to climb a tree”.

Being Flexible

This is the most common skill a teacher needs; be flexible with your boss and your colleagues. They will get into your nerves at some point, but keep it professional. If you feel that you are in a toxic environment then take your time to organize your class for a possible successor and then move on as nothing happen. At the end, we all need experiences and thanks God for everything. That’s how we learn.

Learn to say no when you don’t have time. It’s truly complicated to be flexible and making free time when you are a teacher.

Be flexible with your students also when it seems appropriate, but also be strict and respectful.


Nowadays schools are very difficult for a teacher; students are every time less respectful. But I will say that in my experience, respect is a two ways street. Simple things, students will respect you if you do; they will love you if you do; they will behave in your class if you care for them.


Depending on the institution and region where you reside, you might need accreditation in order to teach. Even if you don’t need it, I would advise you to get it.

Enjoy your school family!

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