What is ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. According to Cambridge Dictionary; is a condition in which someone, specially a child, is often in a state of activity or excitement and unable to direct their attention towards what they are doing.   As you can see in this definition is a condition. Now this doesn’t meanContinue reading “SPECIAL EDUCATION -ADHD I”


So you are considering becoming a teacher? You are in the best era to become one and the worst. See, being a Teacher is a very exhausting and yet a rewarding job. You will have work after working hours and during the weekends. If you work in a school that respects your career, you willContinue reading “BECOME A TEACHER part 1”

Confusing Origin discrimination with language communication policy-USA

As a legal consultant, one of my clients issued a problem where a person was discriminated in a corporate level because this person doesn’t speak English. My client exposed the case as ‘Origin discrimination’. And I want to take the opportunity to explain the differences and possibilities: 1. Lets start for the type of job,  beingContinue reading “Confusing Origin discrimination with language communication policy-USA”