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*I’m making a pause with the Pilot’s Diary blog, because we are in summer vacation period; and as you know the blog consist in the full learning experience of it, therefore I’ll be adding them back when I start school all over again in September. Don’t worry; I might have some practice days in between in which I will gladly write.*

We are already in summer time and for many of us that means vacation and leisure period; but for some of us it means free time to expand ourselves.

There’s plenty of information on how to use your summer time for leisure purposes; you can find the best places to go as well as the “not recommended ones”… there are articles of prices, economic targets and well, the population follows such trends as convenience.

Now, I will join the other kind of people, that group of people who likes to have a productive summer. And keep in mind, this isn’t a judgmental article, since I agree that we all need vacation and a well-deserved long family or friends moments in which we can disconnect from the working routing and possible toxic environment.

The last seven years I’ve been trying to make every moment a productive one, including free time, evenings, weekends, and whenever some holidays come around. I do keep the regular routine, but I keep a list of creative ideas in which I come back once I have some free moments.

I remember having a job interview a couple years ago, and they asked me how I do “so many things” at the same time? Well, I replied sincerely; (in which) I don’t do everything  at the same time… I do one thing at the time; but most of all, I’ve learned to disconnect and connect whenever I need it. Time management is one of the main keys, but also the creative mindset. As I mentioned before I have check lists, in which I write ideas and tasks… for different things and days. For example, I have the idea of an article or a chapter, I write it down and then I come back to its development on a weekend or an inspiring evening. If I have the idea of a project, I write it down and then I go back to it in a vacation moment, same as when I want to learn a new language or some sort of self-development. Now, I concentrate in the end result more than in the certification, since I do it for practical purposes not for wall decoration. That’s how I learned French, Dutch, got my Cambridge certification as a teacher, European Law, European Studies, couture, etc.

Another reason I take the summer time to learn things is because I noticed that I learned faster in full immersion. I even got into paper recycling lessons once 😋 , as well of developing of thesis or some other academic writing of my current interest.

My advice here would be to choose something that you really want to learn and something that you will enjoy, like learn to surf while you are in a paradise beach. Most parents already know this; there are summer activities for children, probably more fun than our options as adults. And for adults; one of my favorites is the Edu-Tourism. Some educational agencies can provide you with more information of such, but the cool thing is that you get to visit a country and also learn something related to it. Another great thing is to get into full immerse with sports, get into a club with summer games and training in which you can explore new workouts and improve your health. Nowadays technology offers much options on a budget, you can follow some online classes too without the stress of the final grade; enjoy learning and learn to enjoy your brain.

I’ll always be a kid when speaking of summer camps 🙆😂

Note: I want to say thank all of you for all your messages and the encouraging feedback, and as I mentioned in my replies, please let me know if there’s topic you wish me to cover, I’ll happily write about it. Also, I encourage you to visit my website if you wish to book a consultation.

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