One day in my wardrobe-Jacket in Jacket out

So in the section of One day in my wardrobe I will be sharing some of my usual pieces. I will try sharing different styles but I’ll keep the casual everyday look most of the time, because I think is the one we need the most.


As a vegan person you (should) know that I don’t buy any leather materials, but I still use my old leather of when I wasn’t a vegan yet… once they break I replace some of those favorite items with new modern cruelty free material.



Today we got lucky with a beautiful Sunny day, about 15 degrees. So my outfit was something it can easily go from 10 degrees to 20 degrees… jacket in jacket out 😉

Scarf handmade Granma’s 🙂


Blouse by Sandro PARIS, that’s the back… isn’t that lovely😍

Earrings Nicaraguan Gold artisanal (if you are interested in 100% metals 💪

Jeans by Axelle Red for jbc

Jacket by Promod. I love the military denim spark… and how it accentuates the waist.

Sunglasses Black Medusa Strass by Versace

Watch Relic, true relics.

If you want a close up of my vegan shoes 😛


Needless to say that I’m combining modern and vintage items. 😎

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