THE CRUSH: It tells us about the excess admiration, devotion and intense emotions for another person for mere existence (female or masculine). The term is named after the urban word “crush”-having a crush for someone-, Aviles who philosophies about the natural fact of constantly loving different people.

Is a type of Love that is pure, non-sexual, non-physical attraction (it can be compared to family love).

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THE REBOUND: This theory consists in the rebound of waves in a zig zag mode in the Pacific basin. -Aviles found the pattern after the massive earthquake in Chile in 2010-.

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MINDS SYNC: The Minds Synchronization theory implies two or more minds synced (connected) to each other in order to share thoughts and strengths as a discipline that can be learned and practiced. The ideal concept is a two way interaction.  –Aviles got the curiosity from the popular stories of Twins sharing thoughts and the popular phrase ‘being in the same page’ .-Aviles found the way to connect with anyone if the person accepts; but only after meeting face to face-.

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PATTERNS CINERGY: Discerning the harmony of nature to understand its behavior as an entity.

Fact. Everything has a pattern that is waiting to be discovered: water, wind, fire… have patterns.

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DREAMS STIMULATION: This Theory tells us about the possible stimulation to remember dreams that are related to physical and mental problems, in order to help or prevent further damages. -Aviles found the connection when physical stimulation (massage in the back of the head to remember a random dream that was an alert from the body.-

*In development


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