Lymph nodes in the Parotid Gland -experience and solution

I’ve been thinking of sharing my experience…

At the beginning of this year 2015… I woke up one day and noticed a little ball in front of my right ear. I started freaking out because this ball was growing everyday. I went online and read all these horrible experiences of how the lymph became a tumor and then cancer…and how the surgery affected the facial nerve from this area!

Then, praying and asking God to give me a solution, I found a very hidden article (difficult to find) where it talked about the parotid gland and its functions.

In between so much research and extended scary hours, I discovered that this gland needs citric to be cleaned and so I remembered that I stopped consuming citric long ago due some gastric issues I had back in the days -go figure!

The article recommended to consume acid candies or lemons, in order to force the glands to produce enough saliva to open again the fluids that were blocked.

I started consuming pure lemon after lunch (to avoid the gastric) and in three days the lymph was reduced significantly. It completely disappeared in ten days.

This was almost six months ago and is still gone 🙂

In the different readings I also found about the lymphatic system and its functions, where it explains that jumping is necessary for the body to be activated and keep it in balance. So, doing this and that, voila!

Hope it helps, although remember to visit your doctor because this is just a personal experience and your problem might be something else. But don’t lose hope!

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